About Us

About Us

Tempo Golf Club was created with some of the same great reasons to visit us. We found ourselves asking:

What if 18 holes didn’t require five hours and a sunburn? Why can't I walk right up to Amen Corner and drop a ball where I know I can stick a wedge? Why is the local tee sheet full of the same dusty groups weeks in advance? Why did I get paired with a random single when my friends and I are walking and talking? How can golfers on a lunch break actually sneak in nine without stinking the office up? How can I keep my swing in shape when I'm not? 

Temperature, traffic, tendonitis, and toddlers- there's far too many reasons keeping you off the course. But golf should be played. Golf should be fun, approachable, universal, and accessible, but most of all, played.

Sometimes getting out to play is tough, as golfers know all too well. 

Built by a Lake Norman area couple, Tempo Golf Club hopes to change that for youth, for ladies, for pros and bros, for everyone, and for you.

The course is undefeated. You cannot win golf. You cannot score zero. But you should sure as hell try to.

Play golf.
-M and K

Tempo Golf CLub