Charlotte golf Leagues

Tempo Golf Leagues 


Weekly League Play ON Weekdays - $150

2024 Weekly Tempo Leagues - Play on YOUR time!


- We will use the first round as a grouping mechanism. We'll split into 3 or 4 even flights of golfers, arranged by finishing score. There will be a winner for each flight.

- What it means: You will be competing with other golfers closer to your skill level and in smaller groups, increasing everyone's chance at a prize.

- This will again be a 6 week League, with week 1 determining flights. We will then do 5 additional rounds at new courses, dropping your worst score. Week 1 counts toward this and can be dropped. Winning golfer will have the best cumulative score to par.

- Sign up via the form below and Tempo will contact you to arrange for the $150 payment.

- Prizes for the winner of each flight via merch, trophies, and/or gift certificates, depending on league size. First place overall (gross scoring) earns bragging rights with their picture by the BIG trophy until dethroned.

Play anytime during the week to get your weekly round in. Extra flexibility is considered for holidays.

We recommend avoiding Tuesdays, but it'll be available for League use. 


Create your own league

Have an idea for a group? We can help organize a league, set up the courses, and keep track of scoring. Send us your idea in the form below.



  • Great for ages 8-14.
  • Six weeks of rotating golf with a BYE week included for $135.
  • Of course, prizes, and contests!
  • For the parents - Tempo is an awesome place to hang out for 90 minutes with entertainment, refreshments, WiFi... you can kick back or grab a club!


Let’s GOLF.