Rules of Play

Rules & Guidelines for huntersville golf simulators

Rules of Play

The team at Tempo Golf Club wants to make sure everyone has a fun and safe experience. Below is a list of rules we ask each guest and visitor to follow while at Tempo Golf Club.

Tee times: A tee time is required. Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your tee time to check in and get set up. Guests may be notified when the end of a tee time is approaching but it is expected that guests keep track of their time. At no time shall your time infringe on the incoming group’s.

Changing a tee time: You may adjust your tee time online or by calling during business hours. We ask for as much notice as possible to ensure times are available for others. No-show tee times will be charged the total rental price. Same-day cancellations may receive up to a 50% refund at Tempo’s sole discretion.

Play safe: Before swinging, always check your surroundings for people, equipment, or other obstructions that may be in the way. One golfer may be swinging inside a bay at a time. Only hit a single ball from the turf area and always aim toward the screen. 

Be alert: Whether you are sitting or walking around, always be aware of your surroundings and others who may be swinging.  Parents are responsible for their child’s safety and location at all times.

Dress code: A shirt, shorts/pants, and shoes are required at all times. 

Shoes: It is strongly encouraged for all golfers to wear clean, closed-toe shoes. Shoes with metal spikes are not allowed. If you choose to wear sandals or other open-toe shoes, you are accepting the risk of injury. 

Equipment: If you bring your own clubs, make sure they are clean before playing. If you borrow our clubs, please treat them respectfully. Clean golf balls are provided in each simulator.

Food: Guests may purchase snacks from Tempo Golf Club or bring in their own. Please wash and wipe your hands before swinging a golf club to ensure there are no greasy or fly-away clubs. Please keep all food on the tables and away from the turf.

Drinks: Guests may purchase beverages while at Tempo Golf Club and or bring their own non-alcoholic beverages with them. Absolutely no outside alcoholic beverages are allowed inside. Guests who violate this rule may be subject to expulsion with no refund. Please keep all drinks away from the turf.

Surveillance: Guests acknowledge that the Tempo Golf Club facility is under 24/7 surveillance inside and outside of the building.

Smoking and vaping: Smoking or vaping is strictly prohibited inside the Tempo Golf Club facility. Guests may choose to smoke or vape outside, away from the building entrances, and safely dispose of any waste. 

Pets: With clubs swinging and balls flying, it can be a stressful and dangerous place for pets. We allow service animals to accompany guests but ask that you ensure the animal’s safety at all times. 

Be respectful: Be respectful of other guests and our staff. Violators are subject to removal. 

Have fun!