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Charlotte's Year-Round Golfing Destination, In Any Weather
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Charlotte's Year-Round Golfing Destination, In Any Weather

Rain or shine, after sunset, or during the winter- Tempo is open!

Are you looking for an indoor golf simulator in Charlotte, North Carolina? Perhaps the outstretched arms of Hurricane Idalia and the surprising summer weather rained out your tee time? Come check out Tempo Golf Club, open seven days a week, for your indoor golfing experience north of Charlotte in Huntersville. Whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring, you can practice your swing and keep your skills sharp year-round. With the professional golf simulators at Tempo Golf Club, you can enjoy a fantastic golf experience anytime, anywhere, regardless of weather conditions.

Gone are the days of hoping for good weather to practice your golfing skills. At Tempo Golf Club in Charlotte, you can now play a round of golf without worrying about the weather. With instant feedback technology, our simulators provide the ultimate golfing experience, and the virtual courses we offer are like the ones you play on in real life - even local favorites from Quail Hollow to Harry L. Jones, Sr. Golf Course.

While summer months in Charlotte can be sweltering, our club has air conditioning set to a comfortable 69 degrees, ensuring that you remain comfortable throughout your time spent at the club. Our facility is also open during the gray and chilly winter when most courses are not accessible, providing you with a year-round opportunity to work on your game. Our indoor putting area is always a 10.5 on the stimp and never needs aerification!

The weather is generally unpredictable in spring, and muddy golf courses can be very frustrating for any golfer. But with Tempo's indoor golf facilities in Charlotte, you can avoid this problem altogether as you practice your swings on green courses that are always pristine. Tempo Golf Club is also open after the sun sets, so you can enjoy a cold beer during Monday Night Football while hitting Pebble Beach. What's better than that? 

Regardless of the weather and time, golf enthusiasts in Charlotte are guaranteed an enjoyable and satisfactory golfing experience at Tempo Golf Club. Our golf simulators are top-notch and provide an incredibly immersive and realistic experience of playing on the most renowned golf courses in the world. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we have the right package to suit your Charlotte indoor golf needs. Keep the weather from ruining your golfing experience. Visit us at Tempo Golf Club in Huntersville for indoor golf and enjoy a fantastic golf simulator experience you'll remember, where there are never punched greens or cart path-only rules.

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