Looking for a Place to Play Golf...and Work?

Check out Tempo Golf Club's Membership!

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Golf is such a great sport: it's a physical and mental challenge, allowing you to bond with other golf enthusiasts. But did you know that golf can also be a great tool to conduct business? Yes, you read that right! Golf can help you network, build trust, and close deals. If you're looking for a local golf club that caters to business-hours-minded individuals, look no further than Tempo Golf Club in Huntersville NC. With their Membership, you can get weekday access from open until 4pm for only $195. No commitments or contracts necessary. So, grab your clubs and let's tee off!

So, what exactly does Tempo Golf Club's Membership entail? First off, as a member, you'll have access to the Huntersville golf simulators and putting practice area every weekday from open until 4pm. This means you can schedule your meetings around your golf game, or vice versa, all with free coffee and WiFi. Who says you can't have fun while you're signing contracts? Plus, since the membership has no commitments, you won't have to worry about any long-term obligations. You can come and go as you please, whenever you want to play a round or two.

Tee Off Anytime at Tempo with Premium Uneekor EYE XO Simulators

Instant shot feedback and some of the most accurate, in-depth data on the market

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The Uneekor EYE XO is the piece of hardware mounted above the ball at Tempo. It comes equipped with dual high-speed cameras and infrared sensors that can detect the finest of details, even using the dimples of the ball to help calculate. Plus, the EYE XO + associated software can simulate a wide variety of golf courses (over 500!) and conditions, so golfers can work on their game in any situation imaginable.

Take it from "The Uneekor EYE XO offers superior ball and club data, non-ball marking technology, and excellent accuracy. These features place the EYE XO in the same league as the Foresight GC Hawk and GCQuad, and the Trackman TM4." Or, from, "The EYE XO is a renowned simulator system with stellar ratings. Its high accuracy is considered to be on par with professional systems like the GC3, GCQuad, and TrackMan."

Flexibility Boost with Golf Simulators

Stretch your schedule - and yourself

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Indoor golf simulators offer a remarkable level of flexibility to golf enthusiasts, allowing them to play the sport anytime, regardless of weather conditions or location constraints. 

Tempo’s high-tech systems recreate the experience of playing on a real golf course, offering a wide range of benefits to players. Moreover, the use of indoor golf simulators presents an opportunity to work on physical flexibility and enhance overall performance.

One of the key advantages of indoor golf simulators is the ability to customize the playing environment. Players can select from a variety of virtual courses, adjusting factors such as wind speed, terrain, and difficulty levels to suit their preferences and skill levels. This flexibility allows golfers to practice different shots, experiment with strategies, and fine-tune their skills without the limitations posed by outdoor courses.